Can you take dogs into home depot

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Can you take dogs into home depot and other lowes stores?

I’m working on a project for my dad, and he wants to add a couple of plants and a dog to our porch. He lives in an apartment building, and the balcony doors are too small for our 2 dogs to fit into, so he’s going to do this with some small plants and a dog crate. I just want to know if its ok to take dogs into home depot or other lowes stores?

The lowes website says, “Dogs must be leashed, crated or confined in a carrier during shopping.”

I don’t want to take him away from the apartment. He wants to be home to take care of the dogs and I think it would be nice if they were there. What are your thoughts?

We used to have a large dog. If you take him there with you, you are going to have a very difficult time. Most stores don’t like the thought of dogs in the stores. You can try going during the evening hours when most of the store is closed. However, I would just look on the lowes website for the stores near you. They will be a lot more receptive than the corporate office. We have been going to Lowe’s for years and they always let us take dogs in. I have seen them take off the leash and let the dog out of the crate to play. I have also seen stores get a bit annoyed when you bring dogs with you, but they always let us take them in.

I live in an apartment building and I can’t even take my dog out. I think it’s ridiculous. If my dog pees or poops and the neighbors compln, I will get a warning from my landlord. My dog has even peed and pooped on the front porch and then I was told that I could not take him on the front porch. He has to be contned in the yard and he’s not allowed in the building.

There used to be a dog park for a long time in my neighborhood. Now there is a community center and they say they are looking to re-open the dog park soon.

I am so glad my mom took me to the store. I was going to say that it was closed, but they did not close. They just make it so difficult to take your dog there. We have a dog that is allergic to all dogs. It is so nice to be able to bring him where we do our shopping. He can come in with us, he can go in a crate and we can take him on the porch. We would not even have to leave home if he is with us. He can’t go outside. It is nice to be able to go out and enjoy the fresh r. He gets to have fun with the other dogs and play with them. He is never confined.

What do you think? Do you have any experience with taking dogs into lowes stores?

I’m curious how it’s going. He lives in a big city, and I live in a small town. I know that he can get away, and I’m going to make sure I can’t, but I’m a bit worried about what he will do. I don’t think he will get away with it, but I don’t want to go with him and have to run and chase him. He is a little bigger than our dog, and I think he will be fine, but I am still a little worried.

I am in the same situation. I live in a small town, and I would love to go to the stores, but it is just too dangerous. I live on a mn road and people are always looking at their cell phones and not watching where they are going. There is no place for me to leave my dog if I go with him. I have an SUV, and he is not small. He would be fine. It is just dangerous to let him out. I can’t believe how restrictive it is.

The only way to know is to take a chance and go. There are so many restrictions with having a dog. I have not been able to go anywhere, even with my husband. It is very frustrating. I would really like to go somewhere and take my dog. It is like my dog is a prisoner. It is not fr to him.

I can understand your concern. You can go there at night if the store is still open. If you go during the day, the store can get a little annoyed. I am not a lowes employee, but I think most stores are ok with taking dogs into their stores.

It is a little different everywhere, but I can’t believe that they would make it so difficult. It is not fr to take a dog into a store. It is a major hassle and it would be nice to be able to have a dog come with you. It is a major inconvenience to not be able to do that.

My son is going to get a puppy. I was thinking about getting a crate for him because I know it is a huge change for him. He is already used to having a dog. I would like to have a crate for him, but it is a pn because he is so small. I was wondering if there are any special crates that are good for small dogs. I know that I am looking for a crate that is big enough for him to move around in and

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